Thursday, January 22, 2015

For Breakfast

For Breakfast

Apple cut on the bias
don’t think I do not love you
even though I know nothing of your tree

I try without too much effort to to follow how you lived

little green nothing bud
filling as if from the center
a balloon with its lips gripping the faucet to gulp water
and earn a new body

Green skin streaked with red

I feel certain that the crisper is a place of dreadful loneliness
I don’t mean to be whimsical
I speak of wrenching from the tree what the sun said to it in intimacy
and eating it with only a little hunger

Wednesday, January 21, 2015



Every rivulet run off
the body here is a sluice
back in the sky’s glass

Go back to the ocean above

becomes the thing the glacier
says to put itself to sleep

Meanwhile a woman fills balloons
with helium for her daughter’s birthday

blue white pink purple
She tethers them to the birthday girl’s chair

where they hover lovingly as if watching

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Field 8

Field 8

There are places other than the field where I
have started to see the field Between the words
of the sidewalk panels in the sentence that this
street is for instance Or within the peeling away
road Tufts of green quietness not of this city Barely
of this world even As puddles are portals so are
the holes in streets tunnels to the field Around
every brick in my driveway a green mane
Green whiskers to help the bricks sense
that the wind will always return The wind
is the needle carrying thread It helps the land
hold onto itself by reminding it that a planet
is an island and the field is that planet’s ocean

Monday, January 19, 2015

Do Not Skate

Do Not Skate

When the roads succumb to ice punish them with salt

When water is too hungry feed it sand since it knows the taste

When an animal will accept food in your fingers consider if
you would like responsibility for diminishing its fear of people

When the pond freezes over still believe the Do Not Skate sign

When a dream of trees is hurting you go find more trees
They are everywhere

When you sit feel how like a chair your body is