Wednesday, October 22, 2014

This Modern Love

This Modern Love

Between us a pan of water
from which we pull cool ladlefuls

Each day we become more like the Big Dipper

and see how there is an enchantment upon us
that we are grateful for

We announce it

Unbidden a woman tells me today her cat’s name
Morris Three

Included in her love for her alive cat are her two dead cats

She goes on loving him
in the tradition of love she has felt

Love and beloved what you are is a bowl

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Reading a Map Is a Form of Dreaming

Reading a Map Is a Form of Dreaming

Where can I find a quieter mind
When I hunt it is always in the real darkness

Someone told me to invent a place and then listen to it

What I heard were leaves

In the dark like this a house looks like a mountain
The dog is its own shadow

Monday, October 20, 2014



The song of youth that returns
to find you alone in a car

and older You sing it
as a form of obedience

You know where the voice
will go before it does

and you know the harmony
you invented that helped

you touch the spine
of the song You sing and

drive All around you
the final beauty of red leaves

Final for them and for you
in this year The tree will

live long after you On a hill
a cemetery simple and small

Colony of stones to speckle
the grass Every kind of shadow

will punctuate the day And within
the river of air coursing through

this place a million songs still quiet
yet untranslated by sound or ear

Friday, October 17, 2014

Collaboration with Rebecca Chaperon and Giveaway

This week on Huffington Post, I was so delighted to share about a collaboration with Vancouver-based artist Rebecca Chaperon. In her new show, Eccentric Gardens, she has paired a few of my poems with her paintings! I am crazy about Rebecca’s art, and just love the way her brain works in general. If you’re in Vancouver, the show will run from October 24-November 15 at Initial Gallery.

In her artist statement, she describes her pieces as “imagined physical spaces brimming with creative energy.” The concept of a garden is a rich one for her--she links this to “her childhood garden in England - a place of her creative origin, where she learned to create, imagine, and play.”

Rebecca has printed up some lovely postcards featuring her images and my poems. To celebrate her exhibit, I wanted to give some of these away! I’ll send out five sets of these postcards (each set contains three postcards with her paintings on one side, and my poems on the other).

To enter, answer this question: What is your place of creative origin? What places have helped you learned to be creative and playful?
You can either comment below, like/comment on this post on Facebook, or reply via Twitter (I’ll reply to the winners to get mailing information). You can enter until Sunday at noon--at that point, I’ll randomly select winners and report back!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Life Is Good and Blood

Life Is Good and Blood

For you can be angry at the dog who has muddied you
by jumping to say hello

or you can incorporate mud
into your costume for the day

A bumper sticker told me that Life is Blood
And then as I watched its letters reassembled into the word Good

Life is good and blood
is responsible, I suppose

Valuable messages will arm wrestle you all day
for free