Friday, May 22, 2015

Sea Wall

by Kamila Nora Netik

Sea Wall

We bathe to forget the self
Do trees wash away or return to their sapling beliefs
in the rain Who I was as a slenderer being
younger Back then I barely knew the light

Consider your mind in the shower
How the warm water brings you pictures
to fill up the privacy

If there is water what it will do is tumble
Where there is water it is harder to feel lonely

One of my favorite walks two cities back
took me past water and rocks
and docks and a bridge on my left side
and on my right trees and an elementary school
and back gardens

On nights where it is difficult to find sleep
I take myself back there
each vignette a ghostly way to look out over water
to pour my restlessness into the body of a tree

[Image above by Kamila Nora Netik]

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Raw Deal

Untitled, 2015, by Alexandr Paraskiw

Raw Deal

Crumbling world are you the last of the crumbling worlds
In all visions of how our planet pulls itself apart
there is an overwhelming lack of one necessity
that we have used up Like water Like oxygen
A ground behaving like the ground of our ancestors
being good underfoot In watching this again
it isn’t that we are sending out a warning
Maybe we are making peace with knowing that
this place is mortal like us What if that is why
we were brought together
When this era of greenness goes away will any of
my yet-unborn future ancestors be alive

[Image above by Alexandr Paraskiw]

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Literary Journals to Love

"library," 2013, by Daniel Waggett

Ah, SUMMER READING. That glorious time in a teacher’s life when she can read for pleasure…in general, summer feels like the perfect time to read whatever you desire. It’s easy to grab a few books, head out to the porch, patio, or park and bliss out.

Along with full-length collections and novels, I’m looking forward to exploring some new literary journals.

Here are 5 journals/magazines (among so many) I’ve been loving:
-Whiskey Island
-BOMB Magazine
-The Kenyon Review
-Pinwheel (open to submissions in May!)

So, what journals and magazines do you love? What will you be reading? And writers, where will you be submitting?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Something to Write Toward (Susan Baird)

"Hill End Verandah," 2014, by Susan Baird

Need a muse today? How about this beautiful painting by Susan Baird...should you find yourself feeling stuck, maybe write or create toward whatever piece of this image speaks to you.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Long Light and a Long Drink

"the depths of the sea are only water after all," by Michelle Kingdom

Long Light and a Long Drink

I dream of the heartland and in the dream
call it The Shire
An Enya song plays against the green
while a boy skateboards on the paved driveway

The dream is funny but it is about chasing peace

and about how in imagining a life even
and tranquil as a green lawn

I must acknowledge that without any storm or torment
it would be difficult to identify peace

And if grass could dream
it would dream of both Long Light
and a Long Drink

[image above by Michelle Kingdom]
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